I was drawn in from the very beginning and there was never a dull moment! Blaisdell obviously did his homework about the disorder and did a great job crafting Katie as a believable and lovable character who just happens to have autism. A lot of people will relate to and will be inspired by this book!

Emily Hooten

M. Ed., BCBA

Behavior Specialist


I couldn't put it down! I really loved it. I totally fell in love with Katie. Maybe because she's Quin and maybe because she's just so loveable! It was sort of bizarre reading a murder mystery and seeing my daughter scattered in there! Anyway, I think your book is wonderful, wonderful!

Liz Goldenberg

(Quinís mother)


I never thought I'd use the term "endearing" to describe a murder mystery, but thatís a perfect word for both this book and its title character. Whether Katie committed the murder that is described in the opening of the book or not (and the author keeps you guessing the whole way) you canít help but fall in love with her. Not only is this a great murder mystery, but the author does a wonderful job of dispelling many commonly held myths of autism at the same time. Highly recommend!

Michelle Syntax


If you like Michael Connelly, John Sanford,  or David Baldacci, then you'll  love Ken Blaisdell's novels.  In his latest book , Katie, Blaisdell grows his mystery from the soil of real-world facts, while keeping readers in page-turning suspense right to the end.  Katie will keep you thinking about this story for a long time after you finish reading it.

Hersh Kull


This novel shows that a person does not need to be able to speak in order to share the intelligence and emotions of those of us who can, and that the condition known as "autism" is misunderstood by most of us. This story is thought-provoking and indeed a page-turner, not to be put down until the end. I am hopeful for a sequel to the Katie storyline!

Bill Crouch


This was a great book! Excellent character development, especially the title character! Good page-turning story plus I gained new insight into autism. The book satisfied on many levels!!

Linda Merriman

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